Redshift Builds Best in Class Electronic Medical Records System for NYU Fertility
NYU Fertility Center (NYUFC)
The physicians at NYUFC are experts in the treatment of infertility and have helped thousands of women and men have successful pregnancies since 1992. Their pregnancy rates are just one measure of their success; NYUFC is a world leader in egg freezing, performing more than 500 egg freezing cycles annually. Their physicians also pioneered preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) testing, which helps identify the healthiest embryos that have the greatest chance of resulting in pregnancy.
Enable more than 100 users including board-certified reproductive endocrine and infertility specialists, nurses, and lab professionals to access charts, track all laboratory data and workflow, provide success metrics, and essentially run the program all electronically.

NYUFC needed to move away from paper-based charts and systems to a flexible, scalable, always-available software system that kept pace with changing medical trends. Patient flow through the clinic during regular morning visits needed to be seamless. The internal lab needed expert and complex data structures and screens that were simultaneously easy to use. From cryostorage inventory to eRx, from patient intake to outcome metrics – the system needed to serve as the system of record and never-fail workflow tool to keep the practice at the leading edge of medicine.

With the right solution, NYUFC could continue to focus on patient care and let software handle validation, orders, data security, billing integration, and so much more – all with little training and minimal impact during build and implementation.

Solutions provided by Redshift Technologies:
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Technology Consulting
  • 24/7 Support
  • Systems Integration
  • Centralize repository for all treatment information
  • Constant use
  • Support patient treatments
  • Automate redundant processes
  • Reduce need for paper
Results over the last three years:
  • Integrated with external labs
  • ePrescriptions
  • Continued integration with SART
  • Continual updates for practice pattern changes
  • Access to all data anytime, anywhere
  • Reduction of redundant data entry
  • Facilitate better treatment decisions
  • Reduce risk
"Redshift supports our clinic every day - and has been doing so for years. We demand the best from our EMR, and Redshift helps us achieve that."
James A. Grifo, MD, PHD
Medical Director, NYUFC
Selected for technology, domain expertise and customization
NYUFC selected Redshift for its expertise in developing best-in-class custom data gathering and analysis solutions, and its experience with curation and harmonization of disparate data and data sources. An additional important factor was Redshift’s ability to learn the science of infertility and to collaborate with NYUFC’s leading physicians to build a hybrid of a custom tool and a tool for all clinics.
The Fertility Endocrine / Reproductive Tool (FERT)

While most electronic medical record systems are bulky, difficult-to-use information receptacles, FERT was designed to (a) collect only relevant information, (b) use that information to assist in patient management, and most importantly, (c) systematize many daily clinic functions. Each facet of the clinic’s operation was analyzed to determine how software could enhance the quality of patient care and simplify mission critical processes. FERT’s effectiveness has been proven in successful deployment since 1997.

Redshift worked closely with NYUFC’s expert physicians to understand practice patterns, clinic operations, billing, scheduling and its entire paper-based chart system. To mitigate the need for training and change in internal processes, Redshift adapted and enhanced paper charts with expanded functionality and modern architecture to build its own, completely customizable yet licensed version of FERT.

As the evolution of the Internet and web browser proliferation continued, Redshift upgraded FERT from a client-server architecture to a completely web browser based system while still maintaining the speed and record locking capabilities previously unseen on this platform in this space. The system runs on tablets and even smart phones.

FERT’s strength is its flexibility. The system excels because of its ability to successfully manage the distinctive operations of each individual clinic. The feature-rich design of FERT enhances the quality of patient care and simplifies mission-critical processes.

Billing receives accurate, automated data transmissions regarding tests, inventory, encounters, and all relevant procedures. Internal and external labs receive test requests and results are automatically imported when ready. Ultrasound images and data are transmitted seamlessly. Data reporting work for SART is automated. Call lists ensure patients get timely, correct information from scripted “smart text.”

Redshift continues to upgrade and enhance FERT. Releases are almost weekly, new features and enhancements are always ready to keep pace with clinics who are always improving themselves: field modifications, new reports, completely new modules, and new integrations – FERT is maintained to be future-proof.

An enterprise scale, best-in-class electronic medical records system for infertility that includes the best embryology/andrology interfaces using superior technology.
  • FERT allows for more efficient clinic operations. Physicians have easy access to patient records, while laboratory technicians as well as nurses no longer need to hand-transcribe lab results to paper, saving time and minimizing manual errors.
  • The billing department receives accurate information directly into an external billing system.
  • Research can be performed on all internal data to discover new treatment modalities and opportunities for efficiency gains in the lab.
  • Greater than 99% uptime: the system is always on and available.
  • Secure, consistent communication and data sharing between multiple departments.
Better outcomes, increased capacity, lower risk.
  • Narrowing in on best options in multiple scenarios
  • Remote access to charts and all patient and treatment data
  • Reduced workload
  • Fewer data errors
  • Enhanced patient experience
Implement digital signatures on all consents and forms, patient portals with self-reporting and scheduling, clinic location and flow tracking to monitor patient flow in real-time.
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