Custom Development
Custom Development
Our custom software provides exactly what you need
Regardless of complexity, Redshift translates your unique business process, data gathering and analysis requirements into software systems that help you achieve your mission. The result: Increased speed and efficiency for your organization.
Why Redshift?

We can combine our proven pre-built modules with Redshift custom development to quickly and efficiently create best in-class custom software solutions tailored to your vision.

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Redshift Capabilities
  • Build sophisticated yet easy to use systems: Platforms built to gather data and include supporting backup documentation so as to avoid misinterpretation of those data.
  • Extract, harmonize, and merge data: Collecting data from disparate sources in a way that ensures all relevant information is consistent and available to authorized users – all into your new, custom system.
  • Curate analyzable and openly accessible databases: Combine complex data into one analyzable database.
  • Custom integration with existing software: Leverage existing systems by grafting onto billing and scheduling software, secure servers and lab equipment, or any other system - and integrating your existing data.
  • Logic model development: Allows for intricate analyses of complex historical and predictive data to find connections previously not evident.
  • Provide multi-tenant privacy and security levels: Ensures your systems meet stringent internal and external regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, HITECH, DHS and PCI.
  • Vast ability: database systems, enterprise-scale web and mobile applications, prototyping, rapid iteration, building proof of concept models, and designing new systems, in a variety of languages and platforms.
  • Specific expertise: distinguished by our work with curation and harmonization of data, and the analysis of those data.
Redshift Builds Secure, Custom Records and Inventory Tracking System for My Egg Bank
At Redshift, we take on challenging and interesting projects that impact human lives and the environment.