Electronic Medical Records
Electronic Medical Records
Custom EMR systems for specialized practices
Most generic Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems are either too rudimentary or too complex, and invariably force users into pre-established workflows that don’t fit the needs of their practice. Redshift’s custom EMR systems allow you to manage your practice in the best possible way, by avoiding the inherent limitations imposed by generic systems. We evaluate your business processes and leverage our well-tested software components to build a custom system.
Why Redshift?

By combining our pre-built modules with custom development, we reliably deliver EMR systems tailored to the unique needs of physicians, researchers, and nursing staff within your facility.

If you have a specialized practice, rely on Redshift to develop a specialized EMR system.

Improve clinic & patient care:
  • Establish an electronic medical records (EMR) system: Manage the practice efficiently without compromises.
  • Track & share patient data: Track and securely share information with patients and clinicians.
  • Improve accuracy: Reduce medical errors and increase the precision of diagnoses and health outcomes.
  • Increase quality & efficiency: Improve quality, safety, convenience and privacy of patient care with increased practice efficiencies and cost savings.
  • Enhance communication: Better interaction between patients and providers.
  • Allow for growth & flexibility: More easily adapt to any changes as the clinic evolves.
Redshift Capabilities
  • Controlled access: Authorized users view records and regulate who can edit records and when.
  • ePrescriptions certification: Ensures safe prescription and tracking of medication.
  • Test & data integration: Interfaces with facility equipment (like Immulite and ultrasound machines) to ensure seamless test requests and results, without data entry.
  • Complex workflow management & comprehensive reporting: Ensures consistency and alignment between patient data, testing, and all communication to avoid errors and delays.
  • Customized alerts: Receive prompts at critical times for alerts on billing, transfers, patient instructions, etc.
  • Automated billing: Automate everything from encounters to procedures without inputting CPT codes.
  • Seamless integration: Our browser-based software allows information to be delivered securely over your intranet, or the Internet, without software installation.
Redshift Builds Best in Class Electronic Medical Records System for NYU Fertility
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