Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness
Manage disaster and pandemic preparedness
Whether a government organization, hospital or manufacturing enterprise, facilities must maintain the equipment, supplies, processes and training to respond to, and ensure operational continuity during a disaster or pandemic. The Redshift Emergency Preparedness Self-Assessment & Tracking Tool is based on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), public health and hospital best practices, and customized to your internal policies to ensure your organization’s preparedness and emergency management protocol.
Why Redshift?

By leveraging our pre-built modules and combining them with custom development, we reliably deliver emergency resiliency and preparedness solutions.

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Safety officials ensure compliance and best practices to:
  • Organize, track, author, and disseminate massive datasets of emergency preparedness content in consistent, hierarchical interfaces to find needed information quickly and easily.
  • Score level of preparedness compared to standards established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and identify areas of weakness.
  • Document preparedness progress over time to prepare for audits.
  • Allow each location to work through a broad list of potential risks via our intuitive tracking tool: gather data on equipment, supplies and training required.
  • Ensure that pre-established levels of appropriate emergency products are available at each location and manage product expiration dates.
  • Continually improve preparedness by teaching users what aspects of the program need to be assessed, how they should be assessed and how to self-score.
  • Attach supporting documentation to provide more details about actual preparedness and response plans, and how they match specified corporate and DHS requirements.
Redshift modules:
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Authoring System: A document distribution system and fully searchable MSDS library.
  • Process Safety Expert System: Identifies processes and operations that may pose a threat to employees and specifies precautions and controls to prevent them from happening.
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Tool: Reduce the risk of eco-toxicity, improve environmental fate and effects testing, and hazard communications.
  • Worker Health and Safety Controller: Improve the accuracy of toxicology and process safety testing and improve hazard communications to workers.
  • HazCom Label Assistant: MSDS Portal
  • Hazcom Document Distribution System
  • Industrial Hygiene Reporting
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