Sustainability Metrics
Sustainability Metrics
Ensure internal practices fully support your sustainability objectives
In their effort to improve environmental, health, and safety, organizations require systems to collect, analyze and track product stewardship and internal sustainability metrics. Redshift’s intranet-based system is customized to ensure internal practices comply with your corporate sustainability policies. By measuring and tracking detailed metrics at each location, assessment reports compare progress over previous years and identify areas for additional improvement.
Why Redshift?

We combine our proven pre-built modules with Redshift custom development to deliver internal sustainability metrics solutions tailored to the specific needs of your corporate sustainability team, reliably and efficiently.

When it’s time to develop an internal sustainability or product stewardship solution, contact Redshift.

With Redshift Internal Sustainability Solutions Corporate Sustainability Officers can:
  • Generate increased awareness of sustainability and build consistent support of the company’s sustainability mission.
  • Gather over 200+ metrics for product stewardship programs to ensure they meet compliance requirements and internal policies including:
    • Worker safety and process safety metrics
    • Toxic or dangerous materials based on regulations and internal guidelines
    • Environmental emissions, energy consumption, and carbon footprint
    • Resource conservation and waste minimization programs
    • Packaging, transportation, use and disposal practices
    • Social policy
    • Governance
    • Customize the required input from different departments, facilities, and countries
  • Benchmark departments and/or different facilities to identify non-compliance and prioritize areas that need improvement.
  • Analyze results to trend sustainability scores over time, and conduct “what-if” scenarios.
  • Generate sustainability reports for internal and external shareholders.
Redshift Capabilities
  • Metrics Dashboard: Company-wide environmental performance tracking and reporting
  • Site Assessment: Gather key sustainability metrics and information from each location
  • Inventory Administrator: Track substance quantities throughout your organization
  • ODC Manager: Track equipment, refrigerant emissions, maintenance, and leak rates
  • Action Tracker: Capture and track internal audit action items
  • Risk Manager: Categorize risks to license to operate
  • Data Visualizer: Make trends and issues clearer by presenting graphically compelling charts and graphs
Redshift Compound Profiler Assists Pfizer to reduce Environmental and Worker Risk
At Redshift, we take on challenging and interesting projects that impact human lives and the environment.