Medical Outcomes
Medical Outcomes
Tailored medical outcomes improve treatment accuracy and outcomes
Medical research institutions, public safety agencies and hospitals significantly improve the efficacy of medical treatments when basing decisions on the largest sample of available outcomes. Redshift Medical Outcomes Software gathers, harmonizes, and shares patient demographics, treatment details and data in a consistent format, tailored to your requirements, across one or multiple institutions. This allows physicians to rely on sophisticated analytical models, gain valuable insight, and more accurately identify trends to predict future treatment outcomes. Our knowledge of registry and patient management systems complements years of curating and harmonizing complex medical data to meet stringent regulatory requirements.
Why Redshift?

We combine our existing software with custom development to deliver highly secure, HIPAA-compliant web solutions, tailored to the complex needs of your medical specialty.

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Redshift Medical Outcomes Software allows physicians to:
  • Rely on a custom system for the most informed decisions about diagnoses and outcomes.
  • Seamlessly share clinical outcomes data with colleagues and partners.
  • Conduct intricate analyses of historical and predictive data to find trends and connections that were not visible before.
  • Reduce research efficiencies and decrease budget.
  • Continuously improve care, as more patient outcomes are incorporated.
  • Provide evidence for, and identify the cause of, changes in levels of efficacy.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in treatments overall and by specific location.
Redshift Capabilities
Share a central database of research outcomes:
  • Create centralized databases: Gather, merge, curate and harmonize complex patient demographic, treatment, and outcome data into openly accessible and analyzable metadata.
  • Include supporting material: Incorporate survey instruments that gather data, and attach documentation and back up reports to increase insights and avoid misinterpretation of data.
  • Assign multi-tenant privacy and security levels: Meet stringent internal or regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA.
  • Combine Systems: Connect into legacy systems and leverage existing systems.
Analyze outcomes to recommend treatments and evaluate trends:
  • Customize parameters and weights of data that drive the analysis model.
  • Create rules to rate uncertainty of data quality and importance of the metric.
  • Indicate your confidence in outcomes entered by other experts, and rate outcomes against each other based on query parameters.
  • Create comprehensive quality assurance reporting and trending.
  • Predict treatment outcomes based on specified criteria.
  • Create custom data sets using intuitive research portals.
  • Assist in developing research grants and publications.
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