Startup Consulting
Startup Consulting
We’re experts who accelerate technical development in startup environments: Business plans, technical vetting, building pilots, security auditing, due diligence

Bring us any idea. We’ll help you build your system, get funding, and support you for the long term.

Together, we might discover that an idea just doesn’t hold up; that can be valuable in and of itself. However, we have years of experience building new systems for companies that don’t have the internal expertise to do so, or that just don’t have the staff. Redshift can work through the intricate process of design with you to help flesh out great ideas into practical solutions, and then build prototypes to compel investors and stakeholders to believe in your vision.
Why Redshift?
We’ve been building systems since 1996. We can find shortcuts without compromising quality or your vision, and we love building software that is unique. Your passion becomes our passion, and we become another sponsor of your business. Our technical depth and extensive experience allows us to build almost anything.
With Redshift, Startups can:
  • Build systems without any of their own technical resources, or augment existing resources without hiring full time developers, business analysts, testers, project managers, etc.
  • Leverage our years of experience while your business might be new or untested.
  • Build prototypes and pilot systems rapidly using cost-effective methodologies.
  • Rebuild simple sample systems into full-scale, robust, consumer facing tools ready for market.
Redshift Capabilities
  • Soundboard: No-risk initial product / project assessments for complexity, value, and cost.
  • Provide a solid foundation: Expert development and architecture design to get the good start you need.
  • Explore the field: Competitive research to identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Formalize your dreams: Documentation of existing concepts and plans that you can continue to update.
At Redshift, we take on challenging and interesting projects that impact human lives and the environment.