Who We Are
Tap into our expert software development capabilities
Pre-Built Modules Combined with Custom Development

Deliver tailored innovative solutions faster and cost effectively by combining our well-tested existing software with custom development.

Accurate Data Collection

When you rely on Redshift to build sophisticated yet simple data collection websites, you meet regulatory requirements, gather the right data, avoid misinterpretations, and ensure users attach supporting documentation.

Merge Data from Disparate Sources

By knowing how to extract, harmonize and merge data from disparate sources, Redshift ensures all relevant information is available to authorized users.

Curate Complex Data

Redshift has deep expertise in curating complex compound, scientific, medical, supply chain, and environment health and safety data into analyzable and openly accessible databases.

Integrate Legacy Systems

Leverage existing systems and integrate existing data with Redshift’s expertise grafting into billing and scheduling software, secure servers, and lab equipment.

Highest Level of Analytics

Experts at building the highest level of logic models for the most intricate analyses of complex historical and predictive data, Redshift helps users find connections that were not visible before.

System Security

Our extensive experience providing multi-tenant privacy and security levels ensures your system meets stringent internal or regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, HITECH, DHS and PCI.

Broad Range of Software Skills

Ensure the success of your project with Redshift’s deep expertise in database systems, enterprise-scale web and mobile applications, and a wide variety of languages and platforms.

Software Design and Consultation

Prototyping, rapid iteration, building proof of concept models, designing new systems.

At Redshift, we take on challenging and interesting projects that impact human lives and the environment.